Wondering about our work method? You can contact us via email or telephone to request a translation or proofreading quote. Upon receipt of the text you wish to translate, we will draft a free exact quote, indicating the number of working days/hours necessary to carry out the translation.

In order to confirm the translation project you must return to us the signed quote by email. Upon receipt of confirmation, we will start work on the project.

We will assign the translation to the translator who is best suited to the assignment on the basis of their qualifications and experience. Once it has been completed, a proofreader with the same language combination will carry out a language and content revision and a project manager will carry out a final quality check.

We will send the translation to the client in the term and format agreed, and will remain at their disposal for any queries or questions which may arise regarding the project.



Would you like us to send you a free quote in less than 1 hour?